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Tue Dec 15 20:17:59 CET 2015

> It is clear that a ) although is a type of bracket it is called a parenthesis, just as ,
> is called a comma, which is a type of punctuation mark.

These things are called parentheses because of what they do, not what they are. 
A parenthesis is any word or phrase inserted as an explanation or afterthought into text that would be is grammatically complete without it, usually bounded by punctuation. The bounding punctuation marks are then called parentheses, and can be round, square, or curly brackets, dashes, or just commas.

So (),  [], {}, - ... -  and , ... , are _all_ pairs of parentheses in grammatical usage. 

Three of them are also kinds of bracket, but not the only kinds. 

There's a disturbingly extensive article on it at 

which suggests to me that the terms are unlikely to be standardised quickly.

Steve E

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