[R] Make a box-whiskers plot in R with 5 variables, color coded.

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>> It is clear that a ) although is a type of bracket it is called a
>> parenthesis, just as ,
>> is called a comma, which is a type of punctuation mark.
> These things are called parentheses because of what they do, not what
> they are.
> A parenthesis is any word or phrase inserted as an explanation or
> afterthought into text that would be is grammatically complete without
> it, usually bounded by punctuation. The bounding punctuation marks are
> then called parentheses, and can be round, square, or curly brackets,
> dashes, or just commas.
> So (),  [], {}, - ... -  and , ... , are _all_ pairs of parentheses in
> grammatical usage.
> Three of them are also kinds of bracket, but not the only kinds.
> There's a disturbingly extensive article on it at
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bracket#Names_for_various_bracket_symbols

I have lived next door to the USA for most of my life and never realized that American usage is 'brackets' for  [ ] .  I would use the term brackets in normal use for ( ) and "square brackets for [ ]. 

> which suggests to me that the terms are unlikely to be standardised
> quickly.
> Steve E

I am not expecting standardization any time this year.

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