[R] Error in linear regression

David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Fri Dec 18 03:11:39 CET 2015

> On Dec 17, 2015, at 1:13 PM, Saba Sehrish via R-help <r-help at r-project.org> wrote:
> Hi I am trying to apply linear regression on the attached data

The is no attached data; please read the posting guide. Do not post with .csv or .doc files. You can have commas as separators but an attachment must have a .txt extension.

> of two variables (DODGX, TRMCX) in R by taking into account time lag=5 for both of them. Each time I run this command, it gives me following error:
> Error in lm.fit(x, y, offset = offset, singular.ok = singular.ok, ...) :   NA/NaN/Inf in 'y'In addition: Warning message:In model.response(mf, "numeric") : NAs introduced by coercion
> Following is the programming I am using:
> data<-read.csv(file="---",header=T)A<-as.matrix(data$DODGX)B<-as.matrix(data$TRMCX)
> nrow<-nrow(A)A1<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)A2<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)A3<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)A4<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)A5<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)A1[2:nrow,1]<-A[1:(nrow-1),1]A2[3:nrow,1]<-A[1:(nrow-2),1]A3[4:nrow,1]<-A[1:(nrow-3),1]A4[5:nrow,1]<-A[1:(nrow-4),1]A5[6:nrow,1]<-A[1:(nrow-5),1]nrow<-nrow(B)B1<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)B2<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)B3<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)B4<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)B5<-matrix(NA,nrow,1)B1[2:nrow,1]<-B[1:(nrow-1),1]B2[3:nrow,1]<-B[1:(nrow-2),1]B3[4:nrow,1]<-B[1:(nrow-3),1]B4[5:nrow,1]<-B[1:(nrow-4),1]B5[6:nrow,1]<-B[1:(nrow-5),1]
> reg1<-lm(A~A1+A2+A3+A4+A5+B1+B2+B3+B4+B5)reg2<-lm(B~B1+B2+B3+B4+B5+A1+A2+A3+A4+A5)

I do not see the usual html delted message but nonetheless your code has arrived without any linebreaks. Linebreaks are syntactically necessary. So pleas learn to post with plain text in a format that does mangle the ability of humans to read this code.

David Winsemius
Alameda, CA, USA

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