[R] persp3D: Adjusting labels other than centered?

Helmut Schütz helmut.schuetz at bebac.at
Mon Dec 21 16:25:01 CET 2015

Dear all,

for a publication I have to change cex.axis and cex.lab. I'm already 
using Paul Murrell's workaround to increase the distance of the axes' 
titles by adding "\n". However, I found no method to either increase the 
distance of the labels or set their justification (by adj or hadj). They 
are centered (adj 0.5), which may lead to overlapping. Example:

x <- seq(-10, 10, length = 100)
y <- x
f <- function(x,y) { r <- sqrt(x^2+y^2); 0.1*sin(r)/r }
z <- outer(x, y, f)
persp3D(x = x, y = y, z = z, ticktype = "detailed",
         colkey = FALSE, cex.lab = 2, cex.axis = 1.5,
         xlab = "\nmy x", ylab = "\nmy y", zlab = "\n\nmy z")

?persp mentions hadj only for the colkey-argument
?perspbox tells me that other arguments can be passed to persp
There I find that additional parameters might be set in par. However, 
adj seems to be valid only for text, mtext and title (not for labels in 

Now I'm stuck. Is there a method to(1) pass an argument to adjust text 
and (2) if yes, can it be set independently for the three axes?
In my example centered for x and y is fine, but for z I would liketo 
have the labels right-justified.
I was thinking about writing the labels by text3D (and format them by 
sprintf), but then I'm facing another collision. In order to prevent the 
default-labels to be displayed I have to switch to ticktype="simple". 
Then I (1) loose the ticks and (2) get the arrows which I don't want.

THX in advance,

Environment: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit), R 3.2.2, plot3D 1.0-2

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