[R] gdata library 2.16.1

Marc Girondot marc_grt at yahoo.fr
Mon May 4 16:01:59 CEST 2015

Dear list-members,

Since I update gdata library to 2.16.1 version this morning, I have an 
error on the two macs I use (details on system and R versions at the end).

When I load the package, I have this error:

 > library("gdata", 
gdata: read.xls support for 'XLS' (Excel 97-2004) files ENABLED.

gdata: Unable to load perl libaries needed by read.xls()
gdata: to support 'XLSX' (Excel 2007+) files.

gdata: Run the function 'installXLSXsupport()'
gdata: to automatically download and install the perl
gdata: libaries needed to support Excel XLS and XLSX formats.

Then if I try installXLSXsupport(), I get another error:
 > installXLSXsupport()
Error in installXLSXsupport() :
Unable to install Perl XLSX support libraries.

But my perl system seems to be ok:
 > system("perl -v")

This is perl 5, version 16, subversion 3 (v5.16.3) built for 

and the perl folder is correctly located in 

And of course if I try to use read.xls, I get an error (xxx.xlsx is a 
valid file):
 > info <- read.xls("xxx.xlsx"), stringsAsFactors=FALSE)
WARNING: Perl module Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX cannot be loaded.
WARNING: Microsoft Excel 2007 'XLSX' formatted files will not be processed.

Does someone have a solution ? (other than saving file in .csv ! )



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