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Kehl Dániel kehld at ktk.pte.hu
Tue May 5 21:29:14 CEST 2015


res #<ENTER> (now it contains your results as a vector)


head(res) #so you only see the first couple of values


plot(res) #to see a basic plot (you could set axis labels etc, but I suggets you to go ahead and read a tutorial on R!

Best, have a great time with R,
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Dear Daniel,

Thank you very much for such a kind reply. Actually, I couldn't understand well the criteria of help list, I am
sorry for that. I tried you method, unfortunately I couldn't get the output. It may be due to my lack of expertise in programming. At this point I need your help which will mean a lot to me. Moreover, if I use single value it gives the output. I am sending you two image files of the outputs. I will be really grateful to you if you guide me.

Thanking in advance,

With Best Regards,


> From: kehld at ktk.pte.hu
> To: dawoodmalik at hotmail.com; r-help at r-project.org
> Subject: RE: [R] Need Help!
> Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 20:17:48 +0000
> Dear Dawood,
> it is not a really good idea to open a new email with the same problem you already posted earlier.
> I see you accepted some suggestions (HTML, seq) but not others (pi is a defined constant in R, do not change it, type pi ENTER to see this.). I would like to add one more, c is a function, do not use it as a variable name (I used cc instead of c).
> I tried to figure out what you want here. The following code might do what you want. It gives you a feeling about how you would create a basic loop. There are nicer ways to do that in R. Note the [i]-s in the for loop!
> cc <- 0.5
> xc <- 2
> s <- 6
> Hc2 <- 30
> H <- 1
> ep<-seq(0.01, 0.49, by=0.001)
> res <- numeric(length=length(ep))
> for (i in 1:length(ep)){
> f<-function(k) 1.211*10^(-6)*Hc2/H*(trigamma( ((ep[i] + H/Hc2 + (2*xc/s)^2*(1 - cos(k*s))/2)/2*Hc2/H)) - trigamma(((cc + H/Hc2 + (2*xc/s)^2*(1 - cos(k*s))/2)/2*Hc2/H)))
> res[i] <- integrate(f,-pi/s,pi/s)$value
> }
> Best,
> daniel
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> To: r-help at R-project.org
> Tárgy: [R] Need Help!
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I hope you will be fine. I am new to R language. Recently, I am trying to fit my data with one model.
> I am sending you the code and image file on which you can see the error I am receiving instead of executing.
> If I give a single value to parameter "ep", it executes well, but if I make a loop/seq for getting a range of data it shows
> error.I need you help in solving this problem.
> Thanking in advance,
> With Best Regards,
> Dawood

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