[R] Problem with using flexmix for regression mixtures

Holger Steinmetz holger.steinmetz at web.de
Thu May 7 10:22:57 CEST 2015

Hi there,

I would like to conduct a mixture regression analysis with the flexmix
Package. Was just playing around with the function stepFlexmix() and did not get a foot
into the door.

When I run the stepFlexmix-function, I get the following error (actually a
list of errors that repeats this sentence:

Error in FLXfit(model = model, concomitant = concomitant, control = control, 
   26 Log-likelihood: Inf

The X-Variable is very skewed (percentages of females in top management
teams; many zeros); missing data were omitted. The code was:

M1 <- stepFlexmix(rel_perf ~ prozfem, data = cdata2, k = 1:5, nrep = 5)

I would appreciate any hint what the problem might be.

Thanks in advance,

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