[R] Convert csv to xpt file in R?

Nordlund, Dan (DSHS/RDA) NordlDJ at dshs.wa.gov
Thu May 7 17:51:52 CEST 2015

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> Dear Rxperts..
> Was wondering if there is a way in R to read a csv file and generate an
> file?  For some reason the function write.xport() does not seem to work
> for
> me....
> i get the following error...
> "error in label.data.frame(df,default=""): length of default same as x
> A sample dataframe is given below
> xg2 <- data.frame(aa=runif(10),bb=sample(runif(100),10))
> SASformat(xg2$aa) <- 'Numeric2'
> SASformat(xg2$bb) <- 'Numeric2'
> label(xg2$aa) <- "test aa"
> label(xg2$bb) <- "test bb"
> label(xg2) <- "testa"
> SAStype(xg2) <- "TestXge"
> write.xport(xg2,file="A1.xpt")
> Error in label.data.frame(df, default = "") :
>   length of default must same as x
> Any suggestions/tips are welcome..
> Thanks and regards
> Santosh

The code above runs without error and produces an xport file on my Win7 64-bit system running R-3.2.0.  You haven't told us anything about your OS, version of R, and packages loaded.  Have you tried running the code from a fresh start of R after only loading the SASxport package?


Daniel J. Nordlund
Research and Data Analysis Division
Services & Enterprise Support Administration
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

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