[R] compiling R with tuned BLAS

Michael Gooch goochmi at gmail.com
Thu May 21 21:19:52 CEST 2015

I am looking at the instructions on 

I have noticed that ATLAS produces two shared libs in addition to the 
*.a files:

contents of the ATLAS lib directory:
libatlas.a  libcblas.a  libf77blas.a  liblapack.a  libptcblas.a 
libptf77blas.a  libsatlas.so  libtatlas.so

The instructions do not appear to match up with the *.a files & *.so 
files as described. (it appears to want me to use shared libs, but the 
names defined are static libs, not shared libs).

should I simply be having it link against libtatlas.so (and pthreads) 
for shared threaded atlas and libsatlas.so for shared sequential atlas?
do I need shared versions of the other static libraries?

I think the help is a bit out of date, or at least unclear as to what it 
intends of me.

M. Gooch

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