[R] Debian Rcmdr misses sem leaps etc‏

Peter van Summeren peter_van_summeren at hotmail.com
Sat May 23 08:40:52 CEST 2015

Thanks to all who answered me,
After reading all the mails I got, I did the following:- I logged in as root in Debian Jessie- I started Rcmdr.   it told me that some files are missing,   it offered me to get them,    I did not fill in anything, just said ok,   I had to choose a website from where to download, ok,   it  downloaded and it  worked quite  a lot,   in the end it said: the downloaded packages are in /temp/Rtmp25kiWx/downloaded_packages,-  Rcmdr came up neatly,-  I changed to normal user mode, Rcmdr came up neatly.
The reason I choose to log in as root, was that I was unsure what would happen in the process.As root I can maintain "rights".All my R-packages I downloaded as normal user with a package commander. When some Debian developer reads the above: why was the usual package commander not enough?But I am glad I could reach this mailing list. 
with friendly greetings,Peter 		 	   		  
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