[R] about transforming a data.frame

Bogdan Tanasa tanasa at gmail.com
Fri May 29 22:19:25 CEST 2015

Dear all,

I would appreciate a suggestion on the following : I am working with a
data.frame (below) :

  EXP    CT   row_names   col_names
1   test -5    B4:B5:B6    B1:B2:B3
2   test -2    B7:B8:B9    B1:B2:B3
3   test -2    D4:D5:D6    H4:H5:H6
4   test -2    D10:D11:D12 F10:F11:F12
5   test -2    D10:D11:D12    H1:H2:H3
6   test -2    E10:E11:E12    G7:G8:G9
7   test -4     A1:A2:A3    D1:D2:D3
8   test -4   B10:B11:B12    B1:B2:B3

what would be the easiest way to consider UNIQUE elements in the ROW_NAMES
or the UNIQUE elements in the COL_NAMES and :

print how many times these UNIQUE ELEMENTS associate with the numbers -5,
-2, or -4 (these numbers are on the column names CT) ..



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