[R] Unable to run RcmdrPlugin.survival using 3.2.2 with Windows 10

jwd jwd at surewest.net
Fri Sep 4 16:09:29 CEST 2015

On Fri, 4 Sep 2015 21:07:19 +1000
"Joyaa Antares" <joyaa at goldcoastosteopathy.com.au> wrote:

> Dear John,
> Very many thanks.  Your hypothesis was completely correct - I did
> save the workspace, and this is what created the problem.   As a
> newbie, being part way through an "exercise", saving my workspace
> intuitively seemed the right thing to do.   Clearly not!    So now,
> before I closed R and Rcmdr, I copied and pasted from Rcmdr's script
> file into a MS Word document, added a few comments (with preceding
> #), and then closed without otherwise saving R's script, output,
> workspace or markdown.  I hope this is reasonable practice. If not, I
> would be grateful for guidance on this.
> Once again, very many thanks.  Joyaa
A potentially useful piece of advise is to avoid using MSWord as a text
editor.  I don't use Rcmdr, but text files, particularly CSVs are
extremely useful in R as data files.  Scripts should be pure text as
well.  Word demands that you keep this in mind at all times.  It won't
default to a simple text mode.  You can use notepad, which MS provides
as a stopgap, though I would recommend a more capable programmer's text
editor such as Notepad++, a very useful GPL-licensed text editor for
Windows, which can be downloaded for free.    


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