[R] Multiple if function

Maria Lathouri mlathouri at yahoo.gr
Tue Sep 15 12:56:37 CEST 2015

Dear all, 

I am writing as I would like your help. I have a dataframe with two columns, ASB and Flow, where the the first one has values 1, 2 or 3 and the second flow data. Something like that:
ASBclass    Flow1              11.51               9.2
2              10.5
3               6.7  ...              ...
I would like to produce a third column named eg. deviation where it would get me values based on if ASBclass is 1, multiply Flow by 0.1; if ASBclass is 2 then multiply Flow by 0.15 and if ASBclass is 3 then multiply by 0.2.

If (ASBclass=1) { deviation<-Flow*0.1}
If (ASBclass=2) { deviation<-Flow*0.15}If (ASBclass=1) { deviation<-Flow*0.2}
I am not sure whether I should add the else function and how can I combine these separate functions.

Can anyone help me on that?
Thank you very much. 

Kind regardsMaria

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