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On Tue, Sep 22, 2015 at 2:55 PM, bgnumis bgnum <bgnumis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Hope I can Explain:
> I want to "run" online some function (code written by me) so that this code
> "saves" an output file on my server and my html webpage read the file R
> plots and save (really manually I would run R function, open Filezilla, and
> pass the output png o jpg file).
> Is it possible to do this "authomatically" telling R, something like each
> 15 minutes run this "pru.txt" file, and take save this plot.png and execute
> filezilla with this inputs and save the plot in this folder?

​In Linux (or any UNIX like system), you can schedule tasks to be run by
using "cron" (do a "man crontab" for some information, if you need to). So,
if you can make a "shell script" which does all of your work without user
input, then you can use "cron" to schedule it periodically, every "n"
minutes, daily, weekly on ???day, monthly, etc. I don't know Filezilla, so
I don't know what you are really doing with it.

Windows has a similar scheduler to run "bat" files or "Power Shell"
scripts.​ I don't _DO_ Windows! <Start> -> <Administrative Tools> -> <Task

Mac OSX - not a fanboy, try somebody else. <grin/>

> Hope you can understand me.
> In rmarkdown it is true that output html file but my intention is tu run my
> own function and the need is to run my function in R, and run and open
> filezilla and deposit the file in the right place.
​If you are using Filezilla to copy a file, where is it being copied to? In
UNIX, I'd see if I could use just the plain "cp" command (for local, NFS,
or CIFS attached places) or either the "ftp" or "scp" command to copy to a
different server. In Windows the "copy" command could be used to copy the
file to a different folder locally or on a "share" (Windows "share" is,
more or less, the same as UNIX CIFS, if you're interested)​. Again, if this
needs to go to some other server, then a scripted "ftp" should work. One of
my co-workers does this.


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