[R] 'R' Software Output Plagiarism

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>> I don't see why this puzzles you.  A simple explanation is that Urkund
>> is incompetent.
> That much I figured. What I was puzzled about was _how_ it was being
> incompetent. Also how it could be so in a way that wouldn't be obvious to
> the professor in question.

My guess is that it just ran the scan and emailed back the results with no analysis. It sounds like the software is functioning 'properly' but the humanware is not. But then, there is no reason to expect them to be subject matter experts, either. One should just hope they would supply better reports than it appears Oliver and his professor received.

Re the professor, he/she may have just tossed the report to Oliver and said, "Explain this".  Once Oliver discussed the issue with Ukund it should be blinding obvious to the professor.

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