[R] There is an error when I performed chisquare and postanova test...:(

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Fri Sep 25 13:44:59 CEST 2015

I am studying for a quiz and while I was solving two problems, an error
a) So the problem is we want to test if the block program makes a difference
in retention at α = 1%
(which is the significance level)
This is the code I used to perform chisquare test.
My solution:
blockprogram <- matrix(c(18,15,5,8,4,10,5,7,18,10), nrow=2, byrow=T)
colnames(blockprogram) <- c("1 yr","2 yr","3 yr","4 yr","5+ yrs")
rownames(blockprogram) <- c("Non-Block","Block")	
chisq.test(blockprogram, conf.level=0.99) ==> This is the part where I can't
chisq.test(blockprogram, conf.level=0.99)$observed
chisq.test(blockprogram, conf.level=0.99)$expected
So my question is is it the *conf.level=0.99* where it is wrongly used?

b)I was able to run the one way anova but wasn't able to run on the tukey's
test. I seriously do not know what went wrong... So, this is the original
The data set chicken.csv contains weights of chickens which are given 1 of 3
different food rations. Perform an ANOVA procedure to determine if the
weights of the chickens are significantly affected by the food rations they
are provided. In case a significant effect exists, perform a Tukey HSD
post-hoc procedure to identify under which ration the chickens will be
heaviest. Use a 5% level of significance.

SO here's the code I used to perform:
chicken <- read.csv("C:/Users/Win/Desktop/chicken.csv")
anova.ration <- aov(chicken$ration~chicken$weight)
*posthoc.ration <- TukeyHSD(anova.ration, 'weight', conf.level=0.95) => This
is the part where I wasn't able to run :(*
tapply(ration,weight, mean, na.rm=T)


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