[R] Quantmod several indicators

Giorgio Garziano giorgio.garziano at ericsson.com
Fri Sep 25 17:27:50 CEST 2015


Both following code examples plot Bollinger bands over the ticker main plot
and William's Percent below the main plot.

1. chartSeries(YHOO,theme="white",TA = c(addBBands(200,2), addWPR(n=300)))

2. chartSeries(IB,theme="white",TA = c(addBBands(200,2)))

In general, if you like to plot indipendently a trading indicator computed by quantmod,
you can do:

wpr <- addWPR(n=300)
plot(wpr at TA.values, type='l')   -- or any other R plot library you like

as in @TA.values are stored trading indicator values for any quantmod indicator.

Giorgio Garziano

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