[R] amending R+dependencies

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Tue Feb 2 01:00:20 CET 2016

Dear all,[a] after I have virtually given up on gearing up my R (v. 3.0.2; GUI: rkward; on last Linux Kubuntu LTS) for properly installing useful packages containing functions that were not delivered with base R, amendment of R through getting packages from CRAN became the only viable way to obtain functionality in R for me so far.[b] By the time I used my GUI for supplementary packages' installation, dependencies were treated by that GUI's updater and it occurred that packages were uninstallable due to packages not suitable for that very R version.[c] Now I wonder whether there were any (massive?) impending problems when one would eventually proceed to extract corresponding package archives upon download into the corresponding file folder subsequently using R, say in its interactive mode via the GUI of choice. I am referring to that kind of problem(s) which the R console (interactive mode) could throw after me, I have to be sufficiently precise...Best regards,Markus Hofstetter

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