[R] rfImpute() error-- while missing imputation --

Sandeep Rana sunnysingha.analytics at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 16:19:53 CET 2016

While executing rfImpute() in order to impute missing values in the data set I receive below error :

     |      Out-of-bag   |
Tree |      MSE  %Var(y) |
 800 | 2.979e+04     1.02 |
Error in prox[miss, -miss, drop = FALSE] %*% xf[, j][-miss] : 
  requires numeric/complex matrix/vector arguments

Has anyone experienced it aware of the cause? Below is the command I used to :
 x_tr_imp <- rfImpute(x_train[,-c(1,7)], x_train$Outlet_Sales, iter=5, 800)

Sandeep S. Rana
sunnysingha.analytics at gmail.com <mailto:sunnysingha.analytics at gmail.com>
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