[R] Error on Text Mining for WordCloud

SHIVI BHATIA shivi.bhatia at safexpress.com
Fri Feb 12 20:33:32 CET 2016

Dear Team, 


Please suggest on the below error while I am building a WordCloud on R for
one of user twitter account:


Error in UseMethod("TermDocumentMatrix", x) : 

  no applicable method for 'TermDocumentMatrix' applied to an object of
class "c('double', 'numeric')"



I have tried searching a lot on this issue however don't get much help. 


Used Tm package and corpus. Below are the expression below:


as.character(nwCorp1<- tm_map(corpuss1, removeNumbers))

as.character(nwCorp1<- tm_map(nwCorp1, removePunctuation))

as.character(nwCorp1<- tm_map(nwCorp1,PlainTextDocument))

as.character(nwCorp1<- tm_map(nwCorp1, removeWords,stopwords("english")))

as.character(nwCorp1<- tm_map(nwCorp1,stripWhitespace))



dtm11<- DocumentTermMatrix(nwCorp1)


dtm12<- as.matrix(dtm11)


frequency<- colSums(dtm12)



Thanks, Shivi

Mb: 9891002021


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