[R] error message for every parenthesis

Tara Kerin kerin at usc.edu
Tue Feb 16 03:49:05 CET 2016


I seem to be having the same problem Garrett (below) had in 2009.
However, I do not have functions named try written in my active code.
In fact, I don't have any of my own functions written at all yet.  I
did just install version 3.2.1 today, and the errors started after
that.  Please advise!

Thank you,

Tara Kerin

An example from my GUI is below:

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Error in try(gsub("\\s+", " ", paste(capture.output(print(args(library))),  :
  unused argument (silent = TRUE)
> library()

On 7/13/2009 12:35 PM, Garrett Grolemund wrote:
>* Whenever I type a parenthesis immediately following a word (as if I'm
*>* entering a function) R displays the following error
*> >* Error in try(gsub("\\s+", " ", paste(capture.output(print(args(try))),  :
*>*   unused argument(s) (silent = TRUE)
*>>* try(
*> >* The above is pasted from my R console. The error appears above the command
*>* because it appears immediately upon typing the parenthesis.  It does not
*>* wait until I try to execute the command.  This happens for every function.
*>* I can finish typing the function and execute it.  But these error messages
*>* make it difficult to debug my code.  In particular, if I have options(error
*>* = recover) set, the above crashes R.
*> >* I can avoid the error by typing the parentheses first and then moving the
*>* cursor back to type in the word. This error displays on the console whether
*>* I'm typing in the console or in an open document window.
*> >* I'm using the mac GUI for R.  The error only occurs on my Macbook (OS X
*>* 10.5.7), which I bought a few months ago.  It has occurred  every time I use
*>* R on this computer.  It has happened with R 2.8 and now R 2.91.
*> >* Any idea what may be going on?
Presumably this has something to do with command completion or argument
hints.  From the "silent = TRUE" error, and your example, I would guess
you have a function named try(), and the GUI is finding yours instead of
the one in the base package.

The GUI shouldn't do that, it should look in the right place, but as a
workaround, you could remove your function named "try", and call it
something else.

Duncan Murdoch

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