[R] Geody - geolocated spots on a sphere ("planet")

Valerio Capello valerio at geody.com
Thu Feb 18 22:46:06 CET 2016

Hi, I'm the developer at Geody, the geospatial web tool. I've recently
added support for the R language (requires rgl module), so that you
can choose one or multiple places on Earth or other planets of the
Solar Systems and get a script that shows a 3D planet with 3D dots of
the selected places.
All you have to do is to search for the place you want, or enter
coordinates directly, then you can download the script from the [R]
link or you can add the spot to the Cart and then from the Cart's page
export it as [R] script. Scripts generated by Geody are licensed as

You can test it here: http://www.geody.com

By the way, there are also some simple scripts I wrote (also released
as GPL) for charts, 2D/3D graphs, and stats here:

Feedback is warmly welcomed.


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