[R] Is there any simple guide for spatialVx R package !?

Majid Javanmard javanmard.majid at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 11:33:31 CET 2016

I was searching a windows-based software to execute CRA(contiguous rain
area) method, I failed, but I found a R package and its example to execute
this method but I encountered some ambiguities !!

here is the example code :


hold <- make.SpatialVx(pert000, pert004,
loc=ICPg240Locs, projection=TRUE, map=TRUE, loc.byrow = TRUE,
field.type="Precipitation", units="mm/h",
data.name=c("ICP Perturbed Cases", "pert000", "pert004"))

look <- FeatureFinder(hold, smoothpar=10.5, thresh = 5)

look2 <- minboundmatch(look, verbose = TRUE)

craer( look2 )


What kind of dataset should I import here !!? I have an observation and
forecast files contains Lat/Lon and Value columns(observation 9 rows,
forecast 16 rows).


Should I interpolate these files to the same bound by Arcmap ?!

I really cant understand the tutorial of SpatialVx package, I appreciate
 if someone could response on this issue !!

Many Thanks
Majid Javanmard

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