[R] chartSeries requires an xtsible object

Arslan Rehman goheer_ at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 20 15:14:26 CET 2016

Hello, I have a txt file that I import and want to plot a chartSeries of data.My code plus the error I receive are below: (I have installed packages TTR, fBasics, zoo, quantmod, xts)
> yt=read.table("/Users/Arslan/Documents/Econ 4140/ARModel.txt",header=T)> head(yt)       ytsim1  3.04497412 -0.95401593  0.25043094 -0.69580895  1.95196236  1.4400745> tail(yt)          ytsim994  0.46729230995 -0.19794905996  2.25884772997  0.91227832998 -0.02632859999 -0.66917710> chartSeries(yt)Error in try.xts(x, error = "chartSeries requires an xtsible object") :   chartSeries requires an xtsible object
how do I perform chartSeries command?
Thank you,Arslan 		 	   		  
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