[R] Trying to load a FORTRAN dll but unable

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 18:26:47 CET 2016

On 22/02/2016 11:35 AM, MAURICE Jean - externe wrote:
> Hi Murdoch,
> Thanks for your quick answer.
> First : I have a 32 bits R running on a 64 bits Windows. So I think I can load 32bits DLL ?

> I haven't understood what I must give to is.loaded as parameter : the name of the DLL, the full path to it, the name of a routine in it, the value given by dyn.load (in fact this gives an error) ?

The name of a routine, e.g.


(which gives FALSE in current R).

> About help : the only example, for is.loaded, I found in fullrefman.pdf was about dyn.load but is ununderstandable (?) because we have not the dyn.load command in the example. And if I write ?is.loaded in R I get nothing !!

Sounds as though you are using a very old or broken version of R. What 
does sessionInfo() give?  You should be using R 3.2.3.  If you're using 
an older one, you're on your own.

Duncan Murdoch

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