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> Good Morning,
> I wanted to reach out as I am looking to learn more about the R Project / R
> Statistical Programming software, particularly as it's been utilizing in
> power plant industries. I work in the energy industry and my clients are
> starting to look for Risk Analysts proficient in this tool, and I find
> myself unaware of what this tool is. Any information or help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Warmly,
> *Ashley Porter | Director of Recruiting*

​In a nutshell, it is a algorithmic programming language​ with an emphasis
on statistics. If you have heard of the SAS language, R is used for similar
needs. One of the main pluses of R is CRAN - The Comprehensive R Archive
Network. This is a large set of statistical packages, which can be used as
a library. A good web site is https://cran.revolutionanalytics.com/ to
start. A search of "r language review" will get you some good hits from
sites such as InfoWorld and NY Times as well as the usual "geek" sites.

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