[R] how to split and use notation fro stacked data

Joanna Nguyen joanna.t.q.nguyen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 19:35:30 CET 2016

I have a data set as below

"temperature" "gender" "hr"
96.3 1 70
96.7 1 71
96.9 1 74
96.4 2 69
96.7 2 62
96.8 2 75

Gender code (1) means males and Gender code (2) means females.
I have to split the data by gender and then perform a* two-sample tes*t to
see whether the population means are equivalent. When using a function to
solve this I should use the *notation for stacked data*. I *cannot assume
equal variances*
How can I code them?  I am just a beginner for R programming
Joanna Thuc Quyen Nguyen

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