[R] Need help in installing packages in R

Bhavani Akila bhava20april at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 17:11:10 CET 2016


I have just started learning about "R" programming language. I tried to
connect it to SQL server using "RODBC". On trying to install packages in R
with the command
Eg., 'Install.Packages=="RODBC"', the zip file is not getting downloaded as
am not able to access to the webpage since am working in a restricted

I have some how managed to get the zip file, but I have no idea how to
install it into my system(Because on installing using "R Console", it
itself is getting unpacked and getting installed in a specific location)

Can I just install by unzipping and placing the file in some random
location and connect R with SQL or is there any procedure to install the

Kindly help me install "R Packages" without the use of "R Console"(With the
use of zip file).

Thanks in advance..!!! ��


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