[R] PDF form Rstudio

Thomas Petzoldt thpe at simecol.de
Fri Feb 26 08:10:19 CET 2016

Yes, you are right. Sweave depends on Latex too, so its no workaround in 
this case.

Hope it helps, thpe

Am 26.02.2016 um 06:54 schrieb Ulrik Stervbo:
> My understanding is that Sweave also depends on LaTeX to generate pdfs, so
> I am not sure Sweave is the solution.

Just follow the advice given in the error message:

>>>> No TeX installation detected (TeX is required to create PDF output). You
>>>> should install a recommended TeX distribution for your platform:
>>>>    Windows: MiKTeX (Complete) - http://miktex.org/2.9/setup
>>>>    (NOTE: Be sure to download the Complete rather than Basic
>>> installation)
>>>>    Mac OS X: TexLive 2013 (Full) - http://tug.org/mactex/
>>>>    (NOTE: Download with Safari rather than Chrome _strongly_ recommended)
>>>>    Linux: Use system package manager

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