[R] bnlearn and TAN network

Marco Scutari marco.scutari at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 10:23:49 CET 2016

Hi Ross,

On 29 February 2016 at 08:46,  <ross.chapman at ecogeonomix.com> wrote:
> The graph shows arcs between each of the variables and the output node
> (classFFB) along with internal nodes showing parent/child relations between
> 4 nodes.

Yes, that is as expected.

> However, when I look at the model in the TAN object and the conditional
> probabilities in the fitted object, there is only one direct arc leading to
> output node (classFFB) through a variable EST, all other relations act
> through that arc.

I am not sure how that could possibly happen, could you share the
print outut for a few nodes so that I can get some idea of what it is
going on?

> Am I correct in interpreting that the all direct nodes except for
> EST->classFFB which are shown in the graphviz.plot are not retained once the
> model is trained. In which case, is there a way of showing the network after
> training?

TAN does not do any sort of feature selection, so all the nodes should
be there. As for "showing the network after training", what kind of
plot are you looking for?


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