[R] bnlearn and TAN network

Marco Scutari marco.scutari at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 11:11:36 CET 2016

Hi Ross,

On 29 February 2016 at 09:51,  <ross.chapman at ecogeonomix.com> wrote:
> The output node is classFFB.  My understanding is that the model only
> has one node linked directly to the output node:
> ][matureTreeData.ESTATE|classFFB].

Actually not, e.g.
[matureTreeData.YEAR|classFFB:matureTreeData.ESTATE] means
P(matureTreeData.YEAR | classFFB, matureTreeData.ESTATE). So all
variables depend on classFB.

> I was looking for  a plot which shows the learned network, an example of
> which I have attached.

That is the best you can get from bnlearn at the moment - although it
is possible in theory to produce a graph + barplots plot from
Rgraphviz. I have never managed to make it work, though.


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