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On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 10:37 AM, Vishal Vinayak Mujumdar 2 <
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> Hello Sir,
> We are planning to recommend 'R' as solution for Micro Services
> implementation in one of the ongoing project.

​Sounds good to me.​


> Please can you assist us with providing information pertaining to license
> cost , commercial use , usage , warranty etc.

​licensing cost: completely free. The source is licensed under the GPL
version 2 or 3.

Commercial use: Allowed. Again ,no cost.​ However, as an aside, remember
that R is a _interpreter_ and not a _compiler_. This means that your
customers, if any, must receive the source in order to execute it. This may
be a consideration. Or, if this is via a "web" site as a service, it may
not. Internal use would not be any concern.

​Usage: Don't do evil! is about the only "usage". But, in reality, you can
use it however you want within its capabilities. I wouldn't used it to do
real time work, personally. If you want to use it as control software for a
nuclear reactor, please tell me so I can get a dosage meter to wear.

Warranty: If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces. That is, there is _no_
warranty at all. You _might_ be able to find a R consulting company which
will give you some sort of contract and include some sort of warranty. But
that is up to the consultant or consulting company. There is a bug
reporting system _for the community_. Which means that you can report a
bug, but there is no guarantee that anyone will every address it. OK, this
is latter _very_ unlikely to occur because the programmers et al. behind R
are conscientious, caring people.​ If you need a warranty, you'll need "3rd
party maintenance", if there is such from anyone.

Having said the above, there is no "damn it, I'm paying ???? for support
and I demand!! a fix NOW!" option (I've overhead this type of comment) .
I've even read message on some mailing lists similar to "I posted a
question 5 hours ago! Where's my answer? I'm in a hurry!!!! Don't you
people pay any attention?" That doesn't go over well here either.

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