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Fabio Monteiro fabio.monteiro1992 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 16:25:41 CET 2016

Hello, my name is Fábio and I'm a Marine Ecology student in Portugal.

I'm currently using the FD package for my work and yesterday one message
appeared that I wasn't expecting and I really need your help to try to
figure out what's happening.
I'm using the dbFD function and the following message appeared:

FRic: Only categorical and/or ordinal trait(s) present in 'x'. FRic was
 measured as the number of unique trait combinations, NOT as the convex
hull volume.
FDiv: Cannot be computed when only categorical and/or ordinal trait(s)
present in 'x'.

My data:
x is a matrix with species vs functional traits
a is a matrix with species vs sampling (in abundances)

Previously I used the dbFD function and was working just fine. Yesterday I
removed 2 traits and this message appeared.

My traits now are 3 categorical traits and 1 numeric. The 2 trais that I
removed were numeric traits as well. I really need to remove those trait,
but I still need the FDiv to be calculated. Can you explain to me why is
this error occurring? I need to know how the dbFD is measuring the indexes
so I can understanding the error and if I can or can't continue to use this
package (if it applies or not to my goals)

Kind regards

Fábio Monteiro

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