[R] package FD

Jim Lemon drjimlemon at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 22:48:38 CET 2016

The values in a$x do look numeric. What do you get from:


If the result is "factor", as it was for your ft$trait3 variable (and
I hope that a$x is the same variable with a different name), then at
least one of those values must have been read in as non-numeric. The
possible reasons for this are many as Jeff noted and may be a
non-printing character that has crept into your original data file. If
your data set is as small as your example, I would start by loading
the original data file into a hex editor and looking for a character
that shouldn't be there. I once had to write a program in C that
scanned very large files of customer data to find just such
troublemakers and tell me where they were.


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