[R] replace text in table R?

Marna Wagley marna.wagley at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 22:26:25 CET 2016

Hi R Users,
I have been struggling to replace texts in a table by new text. but it
seems crazy as of I am doing it manually in R. I have very big files and
some of the text has to be replaced by another class based on another file
if the name corresponds. I was able to perform following example but it
should be easier if there is a loop. Any suggestions on making a loop for
this example?

Here is the example how I did. I want to assign class into dat1 based on
dat2 table.

dat1<-structure(list(ID = structure(1:8, .Label = c("X127", "X128",
"X129", "X130", "X131", "X132", "X133", "X134"), class = "factor"),
    Name = structure(1:8, .Label = c("Site1", "Site2", "Site3",
    "Site4", "Site5", "Site6", "Site7", "Site8"), class = "factor"),
    Time1 = structure(c(4L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 1L, 1L, 4L, 5L), .Label = c("0",
    "GT", "R", "Tr", "W2"), class = "factor"), Time2 = structure(c(2L,
    1L, 4L, 2L, 1L, 3L, 4L, 1L), .Label = c("0", "GT", "MA",
    "UA"), class = "factor"), Time3 = structure(c(5L, 1L, 4L,
    4L, 2L, 3L, 3L, 1L), .Label = c("0", "GT", "R", "Tr", "Y7"
    ), class = "factor")), .Names = c("ID", "Name", "Time1",
"Time2", "Time3"), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -8L


dat2<-structure(list(site = structure(c(4L, 2L, 5L, 3L, 6L, 7L, 8L,
1L), .Label = c("GT", "MA", "R", "Tr", "UA", "W1", "W2", "Y7"
), class = "factor"), To.be.assinged = structure(c(1L, 2L, 3L,
1L, 4L, 4L, 1L, 2L), .Label = c("A", "B", "C", "D"), class = "factor")),
.Names = c("site",
"To.be.assinged"), class = "data.frame", row.names = c(NA, -8L

A2 <- as.data.frame(lapply(dat1,function(x)
if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x)) gsub("Tr","A",x) else x))
A3 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A2,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("MA","B",x) else x))
A4 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A3,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("UA","C",x) else x))
A5 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A4,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("R","A",x) else x))
A6 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A5,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("W1","D",x) else x))
A7 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A6,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("W2","D",x) else x))
A8 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A7,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("Y7","A",x) else x))
A9 <- as.data.frame(lapply(A8,function(x) if(is.character(x)|is.factor(x))
gsub("GT","B",x) else x))

Your help is highly appreciated.

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