[R] Help -- feed data frames, returned from function into list --

Sunny Singha sunnysingha.analytics at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 08:56:44 CET 2016

I got a problem. Using loop, I'm trying to feed data frames, returned from
the function, into the list but not all data frames are getting captured.

I have vector with some string values which I want to pass to the function.

*groups* <- c('cocacola', 'youtube','facebook)

for(i in 1:length(groups)){
 g <- list()
 g[[i]] <- searchGroups_mod(*groups[i]*, token=fb_oauth, 10)

The result list stores data frame only for the last string in the 'groups'
Why the List is getting reassigned for each iteration ? Please guide.

Sunny Singha.

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