[R] Conversion problem with write.csv and as.character()

Peter Neumaier peter.neumaier at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 12:14:29 CET 2016

Hi all, sorry for double/cross posting, I have sent an initial, similar
accidentally to r-sig-finance.

I am writing a matrix (typeof = double) into a CSV file with write.csv.

My first column of the matrix is a date in the form yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:

> a_fetchdata[1,0]

2016-02-09 07:30:00
> typeof(a_fetchdata[1,0])
[1] "double"

My CSV file contains a sequence of integers (from 1 to x) instead of the
expected date.

I tried to convert, but ran into "Error in dimnames":

> as.character(first_fetchdata[1,0])
Error in dimnames(cd) <- list(as.character(index(x)), colnames(x)) :
  'dimnames' applied to non-array
Called from: as.matrix.xts(x)
Browse[1]> c

a) How can I prevent the conversion into integers to happen when writing
into CSV?
b) if a) is not do-able: how can I convert the date in double format to
chars (i.e. with as.character) ?

Thanks in advance,

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