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Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 00:26:32 CET 2016

On 13/03/2016 7:10 PM, Jeff Newmiller wrote:
> That is a different implementation of the View function than the one that is active inside RStudio.
There's a lot of confusion here.

View() in RStudio appears to run an RStudio-specific function, and in 
the version I'm running, cut and paste seems to work fine.  If the OP is 
up to date in RStudio and has a problem with that, they should follow 
your advice, and complain to RStudio.

On the other hand, edit() in RStudio runs the hideous X11 version.  X11 
has such a messed up idea of cut and paste I don't know why anyone would 
expect it to work with another system, such as the host MacOS.

I wouldn't be surprised if View() used to run something like edit().  So 
the OP and David should update their RStudio.

Duncan Murdoch

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