[R] R problem : Error: protect(): protection stack overflow

Mohammad Tanvir Ahamed mashranga at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 23:39:48 CET 2016

i got an error while i am running a big data. Error has explained by the following sample sample 

## Load data 
mdata <- as.matrix(read.table('https://gubox.box.com/shared/static/qh4spcxe2ba5ymzjs0ynh8n8s08af7m0.txt', header = TRUE, check.names = FALSE, sep = '\t')) 

## Install and load library 
## sets a limit on the number of nested expressions 
options(expressions = 500000)
## Apply k-nearest neighbors for missing value imputation 

res <-impute.knn(mdata) 

Error: protect(): protection stack overflow

If anybody has solution or suggestion, please share. 
Thanks . 

Tanvir Ahamed 
Göteborg, Sweden  |  mashranga at yahoo.com

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