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Cathy Lee Gierke leegi001 at umn.edu
Fri Mar 18 21:58:49 CET 2016

I have searched and tried many things but cannot get anything to work.  I
just want to print out a degree sign after a the Orthophase number.

The following list of "xl" values are all ones I have tried.  Granted they
are not what I want, but I have tried them all, and none of them print out
a degree symbol...

#                   xl = expression(paste("Orthophase [", {
#                   }^o, "]"))
                  #xl<-parse(text = ~degree)
                  #xl<-parse(text = paste(" ", "~degree", sep = ""))
                  xl <- parse(text = paste(Orthophase[i,j], "*degree ~ S",
sep = ""))

                  printXlab<-paste("Orthophase    ",Orthophase[i,j],xl,"

plot(MyData$time.hour[plotData],newData[plotData],type="l", xaxt="n",

Cathy Lee Gierke

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