[R] get values out of combined object

MacQueen, Don macqueen1 at llnl.gov
Mon Mar 21 21:53:28 CET 2016

Here, by example, might be what you're looking for:

> v <- c(a=1, b=3, c=25)
> v
 a  b  c 
 1  3 25 
> unname(v)
[1]  1  3 25

However, this has nothing to do with factors, and don't know what you mean
by the "factor numeric values" of an object that isn't a factor.

Don MacQueen

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> Dear group
>I have the following variable   v_neighbours and it holds a vector of the
>following :
> gawker.com      gle.am   jezebel.com
>          1          16          28
>three urls and their id ...when I call the class(v_neighbours )  the
>result is  "integer"
>how can I get the factor numeric values  ( 1,16,28) out of this variable.
>thanks in advance
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