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Christian T Stackhouse (Campus) ctstackh at uab.edu
Tue Mar 22 20:32:15 CET 2016


The overall goal I have is taking a large data frame and splitting it into several smaller data frames (preserving column headers) which I can save as txt files to feed into my APACHE ANY23 server for conversion into RDF.

This is what I call to split up the original file:

out <- split(affymetrix, (seq(nrow(affymetrix))-1) %/% 140)

I have a list (out) of length 187 for which each element is a dataframe. I want to iteratively save each data frame as a separate tab file with a naming structure such as: affymetrix1.txt, affymetrix2.txt, ... affymetrix187.txt

Before that, I need to modify the headers to remove a prefix "X0. , X1., ... X187." that was introduced during my original splitting. I need to remove all characters before and including the first "."

If anyone has a better way of doing this, please let me know. Otherwise, help with how to perform batch editing of the headers and batch saving of the files would be greatly appreciated!


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