[R] test hypothesis in R

Eliza Botto eliza_botto at outlook.com
Wed Mar 23 20:15:37 CET 2016

Dear All,
I want to test a hypothesis in R by using student' t-test (P-values).
The hypothesis is that model A produces lesser error than model B at ten stations. Obviously, Null Hypothesis (H0) is that the error produces by model A is not lower than model B.
The error magnitudes are 

#model A
> dput(mA)
c(36.1956086452583, 34.9996207622861, 36.435733025221, 37.2003157636202, 36.1318687775115, 37.164132533536, 35.2028759357069, 36.7719835944373, 38.3861425339751, 37.4174132119744)
#model B
> dput(mB)
c(39.7655211768704, 40.1730916643841, 39.3699055738618, 39.401619831763, 41.1218634441457, 39.1968630742826, 40.5265825061639, 40.4674956975404, 40.5954427072364, 41.4875529130543)

Now can I test my hypothesis in R?
Thankyou very much in Advance,
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