[R] CTree to obtain segmented data

Preetam Pal lordpreetam at gmail.com
Sun May 1 00:49:36 CEST 2016

Hi guys,

I have a dataset obtained as:
mydata <- read.csv("data.csv", header = TRUE) which contains the variable
'y' (y is binary 0 or 1) and some regressor variables.
I want to apply the ctree technique on this data with the following
1> Of course I would need the tree plot (which I can do myself)
2> After that, I would need the segmented subsets of the data (as
determined by running ctree()) in array format, i.e. if ctree partitions
mydata into 6 smaller datasets, I need to output an array 'CTree_Subsets'
with 6 elements, each element being one of these smaller datasets. Note
that I need the actual smaller datasets in the array, and not just their
characteristics/classification rules obtained from the tree. (Context: I'll
need to run separate logistic regression models for each of these smaller
datasets). Would really appreciate your help with this issue


Preetam Pal
M-Stat 2nd Year,                                             Room No. N-114
Statistics Division,                                           C.V.Raman
Indian Statistical Institute,                                 B.H.O.S.

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