[R] how to compute Bonferroni, Tukey's, Sheffe 95%-condence intervals for coefficients B1, B2, B3 in linear regression?

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Wed May 4 21:55:45 CEST 2016

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> Dear experts, 
>    I have a problem in compute Bonferroni,Tukey's,Sheffe 95%-condence intervals for coefficients B1,B2,B3 in linear regression using R? how can i do it? I only know how to compute these three cofindence intervals in multicomparsion by using multcomp package, and i am search a lot for how to comupte the three CIs for linear regression coefficients but without any useful information, so, plz help me ~

Your question does not detail where the 'confint' function in pkg:multcop is letting you down. After the first few lines of the first example I type:


And get:

	 Simultaneous Confidence Intervals

Multiple Comparisons of Means: Tukey Contrasts

Fit: aov(formula = breaks ~ wool + tension, data = warpbreaks)

Quantile = 2.4155
95% family-wise confidence level

Linear Hypotheses:
           Estimate lwr      upr     
M - L == 0 -10.0000 -19.3536  -0.6464
H - L == 0 -14.7222 -24.0758  -5.3687
H - M == 0  -4.7222 -14.0758   4.6313

Subsequent examples on that page use linear regression models as there starting point.


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