[R] How to access to an created array with a cicle for

Catarina Silva bolseiro.raiz.csilva at thenavigatorcompany.com
Thu May 5 18:06:00 CEST 2016


I'm organizing one data base in array's (matrix of positions and for each
position I have a vector with 5 variables). And I have approximately 600

To construct these array's I've used a for cicle and after construct the
array I named it like: E_1_1_1.1, and I've done the same for the others
array's, like: E_2_1_4, .


After, I need to access these constructed array's to compare them. But when
I try to call them, in a for cicle, like noquote(paste(E,x,y,z,sep="_")) or
simply E_x_y_z (varying x, y and z) R assume the name of the array as a
"string" but don't associate the name to the array object created.  How can
I call the array created before with a for cicle varying the index's
"x","y","z" ?




Catarina Silva 




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