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Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle leonardof at leonardof.med.br
Fri May 6 14:01:18 CEST 2016

Em Sex 6 mai. 2016, às 06:20, kende jan via R-help escreveu:
> Hi, I'd like to access to the different elements in a svyciprop object
> (to the confidence intervals in particular...). But none of the functions
> I know works.Thank you for your help !

I don't know what data set you are using, so for reproducibility I'm
using the data set from the example in the function documentation.

dclus1 <- svydesign(ids = ~ dnum, fpc = ~ fpc, data = apiclus1)
grr <- svyciprop(~ I(ell == 0), dclus1, method = "likelihood")
attr(grr, "ci")
#         2.5%        97.5% 
# 0.0006639212 0.1077784084


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