[R] find high correlated variables in a big matrix

Lida Zeighami lid.zigh at gmail.com
Fri May 6 23:12:33 CEST 2016

Hi there,

Is there any way to find out high correlated variables among a big matrix?
for example I have a matrix called data= 2000*5000 and I need to find the
high correlated variables between the variables in the columns! (Need 100
high correlated variables from 5000 variables in column)

I could calculate the correlation matrix and pick the high correlated ones
but my problem is, I just can pick pairs of variables with high correlation
and may be we have low correlation across the pairs! Means, in my 100*100
correlation matrix, there are some pairs with low correlation and I
couldn't find the 100 variables which they all have high correlation
Would you please ley me know if there is any way?


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