[R] need help to work with Boolnet package

mohammad alsharaiah mohdsharaiah at gmail.com
Mon May 23 03:07:08 CEST 2016


every one , im using Boolnet package inside R environment to create a
boolean network.

after i create a text file for the Boolean network  and  i loaded it by
using R  by using this command:

 > library(BoolNet)
> loadNetwork("C:/Users/mohammad/Documents/cellcontrol.txt")

then its loaded inside R screen. But when i started to do some of tasks on
this network every time i got this error message, this is an example how i
work on the created network and get the error.

> stateTransition(cellcontrol, rep(1,11))
Error in inherits(network, "BooleanNetwork") :
  object 'cellcontrol' not found

please can any one help me to solve this error .


*Mohammad *

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