[R] heat color on age visible on ordination

Jackson Rodrigues jacksonmrodrigues at gmail.com
Tue May 24 03:57:32 CEST 2016

Hi everybody,

I have a big matrix spread over a long time period.
I would like to make a ordination plot (PCA, CA, DCA etc) of this matrix
and look for patterns on time by exploring a color scheme (I have heat
color in mind).
The idea is to use a progressive color scheme ranging from red (the oldest
age) until purple (the youngest one). Then, make a ordination and see if
the similar colors are plotted together, if so , I would have a pattern on
time easily identifiable on 2 dimensions.

Let me give an hypothetical case to you.

mat5 <- matrix(rnorm(2000), ,4) #I have a matrix
seq<-seq(1, 50000, by = 100) # I have a time sequence of 500 dates ranging
from 50000 to 1

rownames(mat5) <- c(seq ) # making ages the row names of the matrix

test.pca<-rda(mat5) # Ordination (PCA)

plot(test.pca, scaling=-3) # In this plot I would like to have the old ages
ranging from red (age 50000) to purple (age 1)

Would that be possible??

Thank you all for any help

Jackson M. Rodrigues

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